Sea life

DolphinWith all the time we spend in and on the water, we have had some incredible experiences that money just can’t buy.

We’ve swum with dolphins, sea lions, whale sharks, manta rays and turtles.  In all the years we’ve been windsurfing and enjoying the amazing coast that Australia has to offer, we have been truly spoilt.

So here are a few highlights we thought we would share…

Sea life encountersSwimming with sea lions – happens most times we head to this spot!  It was a bit windy the day we filmed this, so the video is a bit bumpy, but it’s too good to not share!   We jumped in after this and swam with them for about half an hour.  With mask, snorkel and fins you can tumble around in the water with these little guys – they are so curious and follow your every move.  If you do a somersault, they’ll copy  you.  [Note: This video might be a bit slow to load]

[ Music: The Cruel Sea – ‘Seems Twice’ ]

More swimming with sea lions

[ Music: Hooked on Classics ]

Swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo

Slip streaming dolphins [ view from The Driver’s workplace ]

[ Music: Paul Kelly – ‘Deeper Water’ ]

Dolphins on the starboard bow at Memory Cove off Lincoln National Park, South Australia

[ Music: Pharrell WIlliams – ‘Happy’ ]

Manta rays at Coral Bay

And some more sea lions [there was one here that was super inquisitive]

My little friend [we think he liked the yellow mask]

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