Drawers for Alby

To accommodate the gear and recovery equipment we take touring with us, The Driver has made some custom drawers for the back of Alby.

We made them quite high/deep as we are also building a ‘deck’ that will sit over the folded flat middle row of seats creating one level ‘floor’ through the whole back of the car.  For some trips, we may remove the middle seats altogether and put plastic tubs under there if needed. Otherwise the panel goes over the seats [supported on legs so the panel doesn’t touch/rub the seats] and will provide a flat steady floor for the world’s most indulged Dog.

The drawers are deep and we are making sliding trays to go in the top of each one.  We can fit a plastic tub full of our recovery gear in the drawer comfortably so if it ends up wet or muddy, it just goes back in the tub.

Locks on either side of the drawer are good; keeps things safe.

On top of the drawers is a drop down fridge slide for our 40L Engel.  This has a solid wall surround so that other gear and The Dog dont get caught up in the slide mechanism or the fridge vents.

Adjacent to one wall of the fridge is a slot to hold the camp table. The pictures below show the build.

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