Beach combing at Dunn Rocks

Some maps say Dunn Rocks, others say Dunns Rock. One road sign said Dunn Rocks and another said Dunns Rocks.  So we dunno the right name really…

East of Lucky Bay in the Cape Le Grand National Park on the south coast of Western Australia, there are some great beach tracks.  We spent all day winding and back tracking along narrow trails and thick coastal scrub.  But each track that brought us out to the beach was worth the effort.

Looking west from Dunn Rocks to Cape Le Grand

Our first adventure for the day was down the track to Dunn Rocks.  After about 10km of limestone you hit the sand and a few tracks head east and a couple straight to the beach.  We took an eastern track and meandered away past a few camp sites with an assortment of tents, buses and campers. We felt if we kept heading east we would eventually pop out near Victoria Harbour and Wharton Beach.

The tracks narrowed and wound their way up and down dunes, out onto the beach, back into the dunes and back onto the beach.  Along the one we found this poor fella’ on the beach. He had been there a while.

Whale remains

We tried to souvenir a vertebrae for the pool room, but it was still firmly attached via ligaments and tendons.  Stand downwind and it was enough to knock you off your feet.  So we left him there to eventually wash away.

Back on the beach and the track took us to a great little cove facing north west that provided protection from most sea breezes. There were a couple of campers set up in a very well established spot: we think they’d been there a while!

Up and over the rocks of the point and around onto the next beach.  We followed many tyre tracks in behind the dunes and tried for over an hour to find a track that would lead us around to Whartons – all to no avail.  Every track was a dead end.  We are certain we were missing something as there were just too many tracks to lead nowhere. Surely everyone hadn’t done what we had done and come to a dead-end at every turn…?

So we headed back to the beach and contemplated the wind over the water and the therapeutic sound of small waves crashing.

And then they came…

The ultimate boys’ trip

These lads came on the ultimate boys’ trip. There were Dads and sons.  Each vehicle carrying either two or four.  As boys do, there was then a contest to see who would climb their car up the steepest part of the rock.  We felt their home-made sign fit them to a tee.

Back on the track and heading west back to Dunn Rocks.  We stopped for lunch and a swim then decided to see how far we could get if we followed the shoreline further west.

Dunn Rocks

Great spot for lunch and a dip

To our surprise we popped around the bend and landed in Rossiter Bay – nice and close to home.  We drove the full length of the beach to Mississipi Hill and passed mountains of weed (keep the windows up!).  Then made a casual trek back via Lucky Bay for a swim and a surf on the SUPs before heading back to camp.

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