DIY drawers for the Paj


That is, the section with the side-opening hatches that go where you back seat would normally go. The rear drawer section is not for sale, but we can share with you the exact measurements so you can build your own.

Pick-up only from Perth [SoR], Western Australia.  Send us a message or post a comment if you are interested.


The build is done.

the build

When we travel there’s just the two of us plus the giant blue heeler, so we don’t need any of the back seats.  So, all of them, are out.  And it’s coming together.

All seats out

The plan was to have one big long box structure that had two drawers in the rear section and hatches in the front.

In the deep stowage under the rear drawers we will relocate our second battery and have items that are rarely, but sometimes, needed. So, there will be a hatch under the drawers.

Panel over deep stowage

Behind the passenger seat, the box is angled back so that whoever is not driving, can stretch out and doze if they choose.

angled to allow seat recline

The plan was done, the box was built, the The Nav had an idea.  “Why don’t we cut it in half?”  The idea being that if we ever need to have the back seat in the car again, we can still use the rear drawer section and just remove the front hatch section.  So it was cut in half.  This is the look I got.

cut in half

The front section has a few smaller compartments to be able to hold items that need to stand up or be separated from the others. Originally we had thought about putting the battery in here, but The Nav was able to convince The Builder to put that in deep stowage.  It was very fiddly and many many hours have been spent designing, measuring, modifying and building this ‘thing’.  But it’s looking fantastic.

rear section with drawers in progress

front section

front section hatches

There will be “wings” made for the sides of the box so that it has a nice flush finish with the internal walls of the Paj.

ready to carpet

The carpeting has commenced and then we’ll be fitting it all into place.

carpet going on

And of course, the obligatory photo of the workshop supervisor…

workshop supervisor

Carpet work continues.

Carpet going in

Carpeting the front box

Still need to carpet the lip at the bottom

Hatch under drawer for deep stowage

Lids on the front box still to be done. Then the side wings.

Still need to build up and carpet the base. Then the lids.

Drawers in and carpet done

Painted the sides of the drawers black

Front hatches open

Front hatches

Secured to the floor

Side panels, wings yet to do

The Dog likes the new higher vantage point – he can see out all the windows at once.

The Dog testing out his new spot in the car

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_02

Attached to panel which is bolted to the floor

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_09

Cut away to allow the passenger seat to recline

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_04

Side wing is on a hinge for easy access

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_03

Open wing

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_08

Neat finish at the back

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_07

Fits perfectly

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_06

And the other side wing with small cut out for 12v plug

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_05

hinged access to storage below

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_11

Yoo hoo

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_01

Peek a boo

2012_11_30 Paj drawers_low res_10

The Driver and The Dog. A job well done

With drop down fridge slide installed

With drop down fridge slide installed

Drop down fridge slide in action

Drop down fridge slide in action

With wall around side and back of fridge


New tops for the drawers make a workspace / bench. They are low profile so they can stay there when the drawers slide back in.


[sorry about low res pic]. Hinged so we can use little gas burner and have protection behind it.


Both lids are hinged so we can have whatever combination we need.


Very neat.

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