Nanga Mill and Capt. Fawcett

The hills are steep but the puddles not deep… yet.

We had a great time away at Dwellingup in mid-May.  Arranged to meet a few MySwag people who we hadn’t met before so it was logistically a bit hard in a big open campground when the weather forecast is magic.  But we found a great spot amongst the tall trees with a fire pit all to ourselves.  Others arrived later and the next day and ended up camped only a few hundred metres away.

This was only our second trip with the Kimberley and we are even more stoked with it.  Very easy to set up, lots of good lighting for when pottering around at night, and easy access to everything from the outside.

Night time was FREEZING but the fire kept us warm both nights.

Saturday was play time as we joined a group of Navy crew and sundries for a 4WD trek through the bush and along the Captain Fawcett Track.  It was easy going and led (astray) but the ever-so-accommodating ‘Ropes’.  It was good to see all the different types of cars put through their paces.  There wasn’t too much water around; a few muddy puddles and slushy mud, but nothing too serious.

By the time we got back to camp it was dark.  The Pig was lit and the roast put in the camp oven.  A few quiet bevs with the neighbours, a heart-warming meal and a good nights sleep in the Nanga Mill clean air was just so relaxing and reinvigorating.  We were in no rush to leave on the Sunday so just relaxed around the fire in the morning and meandered home in the afternoon.

Having Dwellingup so close to home just makes us all so lucky.

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