Sandy Cape

Despite windy weather and the pre-Easter campers, we managed to secure a great camp spot by the beach, away from the main recreational camping area.

It’s a sandy, boggy 4wd track to get there which fortunately keeps out the day-trippers, SUVs and most tourists.

We spent much of our four-day weekend getting to know the new (to us) Kimberley Kamper. We love it. Plenty of storage for everything you could need, fantastic having the kitchen outside with everything at arm’s reach, loved the diesel HWS and managed to rig up our shade wall to protect us from the westerly wind on the last night.

The bed was comfy, having the shower right next to the camper was very convenient, “Kwik” awning was a dream to put up and gave good shade.

We Christened ‘the pig’ as well. For those who haven’t heard of it, we bought a little pot-belly multi-function fire that kept us warm and fed all weekend. It’s a little ripper.

The Dog has given his paw of approval to the new camper too and loved having his kennel inside over night. The tough life of a seaside cattle dog continues…

We did some 4wd’ing around the tracks and along the beaches. We checked out our  favourite camp spots and noted a few new ones to try.  The Driver wet a line for an hour or so on the north side of Kingy Bay, but there was too much weed around and not enough patience.

Sandy Cape turned on some glorious sunsets for us once again.  Always a treat coming to see these.

Only two minor incidents over the weekend: a bee-sting to the palm of the hand and a ‘minor’ water incident in the camper: water pump on, tap on (unknown) = empty water tank…

You learn as you go.  The KK tows like a dream and we are absolutely thrilled with it.  Many more off-road trips to come.

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