Early escape to Esperance

An impromptu trip to Esperance early in the New Year was a nice reprieve from house renovations and hot weather.  A quick stop over at Lake King to break up the drive was great. Dinner at the tavern and an early night in their basic campground.

Managed to squeeze into Pink Lake Caravan Park in what ended up being a terrific site – it was actually the front lawn of one of the chalets, had heaps of shade and grass and was probably one of the sites in the park.

We spent most of the week cruising along the gorgeous white sandy beaches, playing in the surf on the SUPs and generally relaxing.

One night a massive thunderstorm rolled in with huge cracks of lightning and rolling thunder all through the night. Didn’t bother us too much as we both managed a 12 hour sleep!

Hilarious that we travelled over 700km to get there and on Day 2 we saw our neighbours from home on the beach about 30km east of Esperance…!

The Swan performed beautifully and now we have had all those niggly bits and pieces fixed we could relax and really enjoy just having everything at our fingertips.

The Dog managed caravan park life ok although he took an instant dislike to the owner and growled and barked at him everytime he walked past – not such a good thing.

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