Ayr Sailean & Peaceful Bay

Australia Day was going to be a scorcher at home – over 40 degrees every day. So we headed south to a new campground called Ayr Sailean. It’s east of Walpole near Bow Bridge and a great spot on a working farm.  Plenty of room, great campers kitchen and new/clean facilities.

Peaceful Bay was only a hop, skip and a jump away and so we spent most of our time there relaxing on the beach. Even with the breeze, the air was warm and the water was refreshing. Lots of swimming, mucking about on body boards, throwing the ball for the dog and generally watching the world go by.

Had a great day exploring Boat Harbour near Quarrum Nature Reserve. About 12km down a windy sandy track you come across a well protected cove with about a 300m stretch of beach.  Quite a few cars, people and dogs but still plenty of room for us all. Swam and relaxed for a few hours before checking out the tracks through the nature reserve out past Little Quarrum Beach.  Certainly somewhere to check out for next time (without the dog).  On the way back to the highway we did a quick lap around the Boat Harbour campground/caravan park. Looks to be a really good spot, very relaxed, heaps of shade, dogs welcome and not too crowded or big.

Cooked breakfast in Denmark one morning and a general explore around Ocean Beach and Lights Beach. We love this part of our coastline.

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