Storm Trooper

We found him! Heard about this dude doing a fundraising walk from Perth to Sydney in his Storm Trooper costume.  He’s raising money for the Starlight Foundation with Troopertrek 2011.  When we left home, we’d heard he was near Jerramungup or Esperance.

On our way home a month later, we found him near Balladonia.  Averaging 45km per day and on to his second pair of runners, he is planning on making Sydney by the end of February.

Completed unsupported, just with his trolley and his own thoughts for company, it will be an amazing feat when he gets there.  So far, Storm Trooper has raised $23,000.

What a trooper!

Update: Storm Trooper completed his trek arriving in Sydney in April 2012. He raised nearly $100,000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

You can read about his epic journey here.

Stopped for a pic and a chat. Jacob said that he was well behind his schedule as so many people want to stop him and say g’day – which he welcomes

Troopertrek 2011

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