Coffin Bay

Now we really felt like we were on a relaxing holiday rather that touring around the place.  What started as a two-night stay turned into six nights. We just loved this area.

Home of the Coffin Bay Oysters – so it was only fitting that we ate as many as we could while there.  We had a lovely late lunch at the Oyster Beds restaurant.  King George Whiting are caught everywhere around here and so were a regular feature on my plate!

The caravan park is immaculate with some big great improvements underway. Very clean facilities, plenty of shade and nice grassed sites.

The township is actually located at the base of an amazing waterway – with five times the volume of water as Sydney Harbour. There are bays and coves facing every direction which means somewhere sheltered regardless of the wind conditions.

We spent several days exploring the area checking out goat tracks down to isolated rocky outcrops; wetting a line at a few different spots; letting The Dog have a few swims and plenty of ball chasing on the beaches.

Farm Beach is a gorgeous spot north-west of the town.  Clearly a popular summer holiday area, there are many shacks scattered around the bays.  At Farm Beach, there is a ‘tractor farm’ which is an open yard full of old tractors: stored there by the local people to use to launch their boats at the beach. We guessed that the tractors sit in the farm for the winter and then get permanently hitched to their boat trailers for the summer months and spent most of the season parked on the beach!

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