Talc Alf and tow hitch dramas

Talc Alf (in Lyndhurst)

He’s crazy, been living in a tin humpy for over 30 years and has possibly spent too much time in the sun or by himself…! He has some bizarre ideas about the origins of language, how we should be teaching children in school about language and whether or not the world is round or oval…

Alf creates ‘sculptures’ and (loosely termed) art works out of off-cuts of talc from a nearby talc mine.  Some are actually quite good and he obviously has some skill, but some a bit left of centre.  He’s a staunch republican and has designed a new Australian flag which replaces the Union Jack with the Aboriginal flag. Worth a drop in for the entertainment factor if nothing more.

The great tow hitch incident of 2011

Somewhere between Merna Mora, Parachilna Gorge and Lyndhurst, it would appear that we lost the pin that holds the tow hitch together. Who knows how long the tow ‘tongue’ was sitting in the tow hitch unsecured, but it all came unstuck when we started our trek north towards Maree.

The Nav was having a turn driving.  As we left the bitumen and hit the gravel, there was a dip in the road followed by a big thud and a problem with the camper trailer that was immediately obvious in the rear view mirror.

We discovered the pin was missing (and has never been recovered) and the only thing holding the camper to the car was the crossed over chains and shackles.  What to do now? Despite scouring the surrounding bush and road, the pin was lost for good.  The Nav drove back to Lyndhurst in search of a new pin. The garage, tyre repair, hotel and Caravan Park all drew blanks.

A quick drive back to see Talc Alf to see if he had something that could be used to create a pin became a fruitful exercise.  Fortunately there was a nice couple from Port Lincoln learning from Alf about the origins of language (!!) and they had a pin in their tow hitch but weren’t towing anything. For $20 it was a bargain as the alternative was to drive all the way back to Leigh Creek with no guarantee of finding another pin!

So we were safely back on the road and headed to Maree, albeit a little behind schedule.

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