Flinders Ranges & Merna Mora Station

After leaving Mt Ive we called through Port Augusta to shop and re-fuel.  We arrived at Merna Mora station, just west of the ranges, around 3pm and set up camp 3km south of the homestead next to a dry creek.  For the next three days, we travelled into the Flinders Ranges, through Parachilna and Brachina Gorges and up to Blinman.  Some fabulous bush and pretty rocky gullies – all dry at the moment, but picturesque nonetheless.  The yellow-footed rock wallaby eluded us but we say plenty of red and grey kangaroos.

Early on Wednesday morning we had planned to do a hot air balloon flight over Wilpena Pound but due to windy conditions we had to settle for a 30 minute plane flight.  Seeing the Elder Ranges, Chace Ranges and Wilpena from the air is just incredible. It is so beautiful and the morning light cast beautiful pinks and oranges on the face of the ranges.

A bacon and egg sanger in Hawker and we were back on the road, headed north…

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