Cactus Beach

Cactus Beach has a very similar feel to Gnaraloo and Tombstones.  It’s a private property right on the coast at one of the most famous surf breaks in the country.  Ron Gates has owned and managed the property for 25 years.  It has a great set up with very basic facilities including stone-walled open-air toilets and fireplaces with wind shelters around them.  The camp sites are well spread out and so we have heaps of room to ourselves. There’s plenty to explore on foot as there are tracks all along the coast.

You can tell that Ron has put his heart and soul into this place. With some support from Coast Care and the local progress association there seems to have been plenty done to preserve the dunes, make basic timber lookouts and walkways, and generally keep people off the fragile coastal areas.

And then there’s the surf.  The Driver has been dreaming about windsurfing these waves.  The swell is monstrous and given the current wind and rain squalls, the waves are massive.  Ron assures us that only one person has ever been taken by a shark here in the 35 years he’s been surfing Cactus and Caves.

We’ve had some pretty heavy rain but with breaks in the weather we’ve managed to explore lots of the coastline. The Dog is bombed out from exploring the cliffs!

2 thoughts on “Cactus Beach

  1. Hi Happy Travellers,
    Sounds like things could have been better when you first started off. But now it must be worth just being there. There was a notice in todays paper about a recall for some new Jayco Swans because of electrical faults. The wind out cables can damage the 240 volt wiring. Things are just the same in Hobart, snow on the mountain and rain, we were going trout fishing this weekend so had a change of plan.
    Saw Samuel on Friday. Went down to the butchers and embarassed him (poor thing) he seems happy and not as tired. We are having dinner with them soon. Bye for now love mum and dad xxx

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