I am having a grizzle

As you no doubt have heard, we are selling our old camper, The Eagle, and have been advertising on the web. Deathly silence for the first two weeks and now I can’t keep up with all the phone calls, emails and SMS. Some, well many, are spam and dodgy, but there are several that are genuinely interested.

First inspection was tonight.  Supposed to be here at 5pm.  I spent an hour and half juggling the campers in the driveway so that the one for sale was all out and ready to be set up for the prospective purchaser.

So he arrives an hour and a half late, with wife and two feral animals, aka children, in tow.  They are Poms.  Lovely people and genuinely interested.  But their animals… trampled my garden, terrorized The Dog (who I think would have gladly eaten them), crawled all over the camper with dirty shoes, pressed buttons that shouldn’t be pressed (even lit the gas stove…), then went inside the house and did No. 2 in the toilet without flushing, and kindly left the front door open so my house filled with mozzies.  Then they left. No offer to help me pack it up.

Yeah sure, they are interested in buying the camper (will call in the morning) and I am keen to sell, but if they’re coming back, they can leave their animals at home.

What happened to respecting other people’s property. It’s not like they have bought the camper yet.  Zero discipline.

I need a drink



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