Two Rocks to Ledge Point via the sand

A spare long weekend thanks to ANZAC Day and we decided to make a run up the coast.  An early start on the freeway saw us at Two Rocks around 8am.  You head to the northern end of the town, about 500m back from the beach and the sand tracks take you into the hills and scrub.

sand hills

It’s a soft windy track most of the way, with plenty of great vantage points from the tops of the dunes.  Surfers were out early and it was awesome to watch the waves rolling in from so high up.

soft high hills

view north

There are loads of side tracks and detours to explore.  We stopped at the shack for a quick chat with the owners, then it was on for some 4×4 play time.


No idea how many km’s we did, but we had a great time cruising the tracks and finding new little spots to camp. It was 11am, certainly beer o’clock, then back in the rigs and on on…

It was a pretty windy afternoon so we chose a spot nestled between two sandhills to set up camp for the night.


The cold wind was nicely offset by a campfire, big campfire steaks (green salad – what is this thing you speak of?) and some rum then reds. Down in to the swags for a very peaceful sleep listening to the wind and the waves.

camp steaks

camp fire

We were up before dawn to contemplate how the young blokes at Gallipoli must have felt.  It was eerie calm that morning both now, and probably then.

ANZAC dawn

ANZAC morning

We watched the sun rise in complete silence, then did what all good Aussies do on ANZAC day – a ‘gunfire’ breakfast of bacon and eggs.

gunfire breakfast

The next 7 hours we spent exploring the dunes north of our camping point.

sunny days

Later, we found another great spot closer to Ledge where we set up camp for the night. There was a great little ledge for some fishing.

ledge camp spot

An early morning dip (woah, cold….) and then back on the tracks. Despite our best efforts we just couldnt find the route through to Ledge. It seems the farms and farmlets cover the area from coast to main road, so we ended up following the fence-line back out to Indian Ocean Drive.  Hooked back into the the tracks at Woodridge and found our way up to Ledge.  After a quick swim and some quiet contemplation on the beach, it was time to pump the tyres back up and hit the road for home.

The 100

This track (or web of tracks) is a great little weekender. We’re not sure that you are meant to camp in the dunes but there really is no-one around and so who is going to stop you?

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