Kangaroo Island – sea lions and fur seals

Crystal clear water, isolated rocky shores and the swell and fury of the Southern Ocean.  What a magic place Kangaroo Island is.

Having visited KI briefly back in 1995, it was exciting to head back for another explore around. We only had five days and without the camper, we opted to stay in Sea Stone Cottage near Emu Bay.  KI put on a spectacular thunder and lightning show for us one night.  Hours of rolling thunder and lightning cracking across such a big open sky.

Nothing can keep me away from the sea lions and so we headed straight to Seal Bay.  The colony of Australian sea lions here is the third largest in Australia.  We have swum with sea lions off Jurien Bay and Seal Island in WA and off Baird Bay on the Eyre Peninsula SA.

Here at Seal Bay, you cant swim with them (and nor would you want to get into the Southern Ocean in rough seas with a sea lion colony…). We spent most of the morning just watching the sea lions.

A couple of young pups waddled around the beach crying and calling for their mums; apparently mum can take off for up to three days at a time in search of food, and not all the mums make it back.  Rarely does another female adopt an abandoned pup, so if mum doesn’t make it back, usually the pup wont survive. They are just so damn cute you want to go and pick them up and cuddle them.  Their faces are like dogs – full of expression and curiosity.

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